I am a PhD student in the RootSec lab at CISPA, advised by Dr. Michael Schwarz. I am mainly working on microarchitectural attacks and side channels. From July 2018 to February 2021, I was a security researcher at PeckShield under the supervision of Dr. Lei Wu and Yuan-Tsung Lo.

  • Microarchitecture Security
  • Trusted Execution Environments Security
  • Side-channel Attacks
  • PhD Student, 2022-Present

    CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

  • PhD Preparatory Phase, 2021

    CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

  • BSc in Software Engineering (Network Security Engineering), 2015

    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, UESTC

Recent News

[2024.04] I will be a research intern at Google over this summer! I am grateful for the support from everyone who has helped!

[2023.11] After a 7-month embargo, we are excited to publicly disclose CacheWarp (CVE-2023-20592).

[2023.10] I will serve as a AEC member of USENIX Security'24.

[2023.07] I have been added to the AEC of USENIX Security'23 Winter.

[2022.09] Our briefing application got accepted in Black Hat MEA!

[2022.09] I have successfully passed the Qualifying Exam!

[2021.04] I will be a Ph.D. Student at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security.


(2024). CacheWarp: Software-based Fault Injection using Selective State Reset. In USENIX Security 2024.

PDF Cite Code Website Demo#1 Demo#2

(2023). (M)WAIT for It: Bridging the Gap between Microarchitectural and Architectural Side Channels. In USENIX Security 2023.

PDF Cite Code Slides Video

(2023). A Security RISC: Microarchitectural Attacks on Hardware RISC-V CPUs. In S&P 2023.

PDF Cite Code Video

(2023). Indirect Meltdown: Building Novel Side-Channel Attacks from Transient Execution Attacks. In ESORICS 2023.

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(2023). Reviving Meltdown 3a. In ESORICS 2023.

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(2021). EOSAFE: Security Analysis of EOSIO Smart Contracts. In USENIX Security 2021.

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